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The Quest Group has developed activities across a broad spectrum of the Greek economy through companies that are leading players in their respective markets. With strong financial foundations, a high degree of technical expertise and positive growth prospects, these companies are active in a number of sectors such as digital technology, electricity generation from renewable sources and courier services. The Group constantly reviews and evaluates all business opportunities where it can add value and the resulting investment would create further prospects for its future growth. 

In the digital technology sector, the Group aims to expand its leading position in the Greek IT market with new products, such as Apple’s, and new activities, as demonstrated by its penetration of the retail market through iStorm and U. Meanwhile, it continues to expand into new systems integration markets abroad via Unisystems, as well as new branches of services which are expected to show strong growth in the coming years, including Business Process Outsourcing. For this purpose, a high specification data center (99.99% availability) has been built and is now operating with great success in a company-owned building occupying 800 m2 in the Athens suburb of Aghios Ioannis Rendis.

Sizeable amounts of capital are being invested in plants generating electricity from renewable sources. Over €20 million has already been invested in solar parks with approximate capacity of 8 MW, while in the next five years a series of wind and solar parks will be built and put in operation with a total installed capacity of many hundreds of MW.

In the courier services market, the Group is committed to the constant modernization of its infrastructure as it plans investments to further automate its operations, including a modern parcel sorting center in Athens, which will significantly increase handling capacity while at the same time reducing operating costs.

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