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Financial Transactions



Electronic Transactions Management

Cardlink is active in the field of electronic payments and in particular in accepting and managing card transactions, both in physical trade and e-commerce. The company operates the largest POS terminal network in Greece, serving securely and speedily businesses and consumers in their day-to-day transactions.

Leading POS network operator in Greece with more than 280.000 POS terminals supported

Cardlink offers POS terminals to businesses and freelancers, covering all their payment needs both in-store and on-the-go. The terminals are capable of multiple communication methods (dial up, LAN, 3G, Wi-Fi) as well as the option of automatic connection to the cash register and / or cash system of the company. The Cardlink portal for online stores offers safe transactions with the ability to use all modern payment methods (card, digital wallet, bank account) as well as flexibility to manage repeat transactions. The service of the cooperating companies is framed by the provision of an electronic platform that offers the company real-time monitoring of transactions and the extraction of relevant analyzes and data.

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