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Sustainable Development

Material Issues and Goals

Our Group, acting with vision, prudence and determination, is focused on the strategic planning of its growth and development, with its people at the core and with an emphasis on Sustainable Development, good Corporate Governance as well as its medium and long term ESG strategy and objectives.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) MATERIAL TOPICS 2019-2020   GOALS 2021-2022



SDG 12

SDG 16

SDG Corporate Governance

  • • Ensuring business ethics and regulatory compliance
  • • Ensuring quality, infrastructure security, data protection and operational continuity


  • Zero incidents of non-compliance with the legislation on anti-corruption and unfair competition.
  • Zero data breach incidents, which may affect the confidentiality and integrity of Group and Company data and systems.
  • Systems availability > 99.9%







SDG 18

SDG 19

SDG 10

SDG 17


SDG Social

Economic Performance
  • • Creating financial value / financial performance of the company
Human Resources / Society
  • Strengthening employment and halting the outflow of human resources
  • Protecting human rights at work (e.g. equal opportunities, diversity, elimination of forced labor, etc.)
  • Providing timely and competitive remuneration/benefits to employees
  • Ensuring the health, safety and well-being of employees
  • Providing continuing education, certification and employee development


  • Increasing by at least 5% turnover and operating EBT profitability compared to 2020 (excl. Capital gains & impairments).
  • Ensuring adequate cash flow and maintaining positive operating cash flows.
  • Increasing international sales by at least 5% compared to 2020
  • Implementing development investments for expansion of activities and infrastructure > € 25 million
  • Expanding non-operating activities growth / acquisition of a majority stake in a company in 2021-2022.
  • Implementing an innovation and excellence development center for Quest Group companies (2021-2022).
  • Maintaining and/or further increasing slightly the rate of 15% of employees using electronic platforms.
  • Maintaining and/or further increasing slightly the rate of 15% in completed courses - completed videos through online platforms.
  • Maintaining and/or further increasing slightly the rate of 15% of average training hours per employee in the use of electronic platforms.
  • An average of 10% of staff teleworking after the crisis due to pandemic
  • Improvement by 5 percentage points (5% increase) of the satisfaction rate in meritocracy through the satisfaction survey.
  • Continuation of the same number of social contribution actions.
  • Participation in social contribution actions to address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
SDG 13

SDG Environment

  • Reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions


  • • The annual energy intensity (kWh/m2) / € million turnover and the equivalent of thousands of tonnes of CO2 per year (kt CO2) / € million turnover to remain stable at the level of 2020, i.e. 0.21 and 0.006, respectively.

Note: For all Group targets, please refer to the relevant sections of the Sustainability Report.

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