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Environmental Responsibility

The Quest Group operates with a keen sense of environmental responsibility and systematically adapts its business practices to the need to protect the environment and conserve resources. More specifically:

Environment-friendly products – Green IT

Info-Quest Technologies imports to the Greek market technology products which, thanks to advancements in scientific research, tend to be less energy-intensive, are manufactured from environment-friendlier materials and are made available in recyclable packaging.  

 A case in point is Apple products, which have been designed in such a way as to use less materials, are offered in smaller packaging, contain no toxic chemicals, consume less energy and are recyclable.

As the manufacturer of Quest PCs, Info Quest Technologies makes products with advanced functional capabilities and lower energy consumption, while their method of production is less polluting and creates the prerequisites for easier and less costly recycling. The Quest Group, as a responsible member of the Greek market supply chain, reduces the volume and weight of electronic appliances, making them friendlier to both the user and the environment, since along with other benefits this translates into lower fuel consumption for their transportation and therefore less pollution.  

The products and systems used by Uni Systems to create Integrated Solutions are also environment-friendly, manufactured in accordance with ‘green-tech’ design principles which enable the optimum utilization of technologies that lead to a completely new level of cost effectiveness, flexibility and performance. Such technologies introduce an entirely new philosophy to the business operating model, contributing not only to the reduction of costs but also to the boosting of competitiveness, while at the same time protecting the environment.    


For a number of years, the Quest Group has participated in programs for the recycling of electrical appliances that have been sold in the Greek market and is a founding member of ‘REWARDING RECYCLING S.A.’.

The recycling process involves the collection of used appliances and their transportation to plants where they are disassembled. The component materials are then sorted and sold to specialized industries for subsequent re-use in production.   

Product packaging is also collected and recycled, significantly reducing the impact on the environment.

Naturally, the Group applies these same principles in its internal operations, with programs for the collection and recycling of paper, toner cartridges, batteries and light bulbs, while taking steps to inform and encourage personnel to actively participate. By way of indication, in just one year 16 tons of paper were collected for recycling (thereby saving 265 trees), along with approximately 100 toner cartridges, 2,635 kilos of UPS batteries and 120 kilos of miscellaneous batteries.    

Energy conservation – other environmental stewardship initiatives

As part of its ongoing adjustment of business practices, the Group has put procedures in place to measure its carbon footprint with the aim of constantly enhancing its energy performance, while at the same time taking initiatives to upgrade and improve its building and technological infrastructure through:

  • The incorporation of advanced technology automation to achieve optimum control, reduced expenditure and energy conservation.
  • New systems in its building installations, which offer improved control and operation plus energy-saving benefits.

The Group’s building installations are additionally equipped with:

  • Photovoltaic systems at the main facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki, the operation of which is estimated to produce 142,000 KWh of electricity each year, preventing the release of 140 tons of CO2 into the environment.  
  • A system for the collection of rainwater that is then used for watering.
  • In addition, provision has been made in a new building for the operation of a geothermal energy plant with a capacity of 200 kW for its own use.

The Group has at times incorporated environmental actions in its Social Solidarity Program. In particular, in the framework of a special program to offer assistance to areas stricken by catastrophic forest fires in 2007, it undertook – among other things – to donate computers to Olympia Municipality, a fire truck to Marmari Municipality in Evia, as well as to provide funding for the reconstruction of the irrigation system at Artemisia in Messinia, to safeguard water resources throughout the greater region.

Recycling Cooperation Agreements

In the framework of their contractual obligations, the companies of the Group have signed a cooperation agreement for the alternative management  of used appliances and packaging with the companies:

  • Rewarding Recycling S.A. for the collection of used packaging and its re-utilization, providing also for recycling with the use of non-polluting technologies.
  • Appliances Recycling S.A., the agency responsible for the organization and operation of the Collective System for the Alternative Management of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment.
  • Specifically in the case of accumulators, the companies of the Group cooperate with System for the Alternative Management of Accumulators minimize waste and recycle used products.

Also, as a service to its employees, the Group has concluded an agreement with

  • AFIS S.A. for the collection and recycling of small batteries from all the premises of the Group and the network of U stores.

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