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Quest Group Policy Agenda


The Quest Group’s policies are based on a system of values which determines its operating framework and management decisions, while constituting an integral part of the corporate culture of each of its companies. This system of principles and values, which shapes and binds the way in which the Group operates, is prescribed by the following practices:

  • Customer-oriented  approach to the operation of each company. The customer is the sole reason and prerequisite for the conduct of business activity.
  • Quality and reliability in all actions relating to the Group.
  • Safeguarding the Group’s corporate standing and value.
  • Respect for the values and institutions of the company, the market, the state and society as a whole. 
  • Development of human resources as the Group’s most important capital.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Stewardship.
  • Improvement and continuous advancement for the Group’s employees.

At the same time, the Quest Group cultivates a specific framework of conduct which is incorporated in the following internal policies:    

  • Responsibility and self-discipline.
  • Team spirit coupled with individual initiative.
  • Mutual respect among employees, irrespective of position in the hierarchy.
  • Willingness to learn, critical thinking and individual improvement.
  • Adherence to rules, procedures and transparent relations with third parties.
  • Tackling a problem until it is resolved.
  • Prudent and economic management of material resources.
  • Sensitivity on issues relating to the physical safety of people, installations and data.
  • Respect for social issues and the environment.
  • Management by example, with an open door policy.

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