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Courier and Postal Services

ACS Courier



Everything, everywhere

ACS Postal Services, established in 1981 and is the largest and most modernized Greek company in the field of Courier Services, while in the last years it has dynamically entered the field of Postal Services. The company manages more than 50 million shipments from its courier and postal services, and has the largest autonomous network in Greece, with more than 600 service points - in Greece, Cyprus, Albania and Bulgaria- and more than 2,500 specialized employees.

Leading courier company in Greece, with advanced services and the largest distribution network in the country.

The company focuses on operational excellence and has developed the finest organization and know-how in its field, with the most up-to-date infrastructure in computer equipment and automatic shipment / tracking systems. ACS constantly invests in infrastructure and design of new innovative services and products for the most advanced service of its customers to meet the daily communication needs of hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals with speed, security and reliability.

€99 m


in 2017



and service points Network




> €54 m



€12 m


the last 5 years

> €562 m

secure handling of collect

on delivery shipments yearly


geographical coverage

with 15.000 destinations within Greece

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