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The Group

Information Security

A key factor and an indispensable condition for the development of Quest Group’s companies is a safe working and creation environment.

Given that the generation, management, transmission and storage of any kind of information in or to, respectively, the companies of the Group, is an important value and a factor for development, it needs appropriate protection and safeguarding. This need becomes particularly imperative in the modern, complex and interconnected business environment of Quest Group companies, where information is exposed to ever-increasing, in terms of number and variety, threats and vulnerabilities.

The Management of Quest Group has the intention and seeks to protect the information and the related infrastructure, as well as the confidential information of the stakeholders (staff, shareholders, customers, suppliers, partners, traders) that they manage.

The protection of information is necessary to:

  • maintain and strengthen the relationships of trust between the Group and the customers of its companies;
  • ensure compliance of the Group with the legal, compliance and regulatory framework;
  • protect the public image and reputation of the Group.

Quest Holdings as well as the Group’s companies aim for comprehensive internal governance in the field of information security, in order to ensure confidentiality, availability and integrity of data and consequently of information. The desired level of security shall be achieved by implementing appropriate protection measures. One of the most basic protection measures is the establishment of a single Information Security Policy, which is the basis for the implementation of a comprehensive Information Security Framework.