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Unlawful Behavior Reporting Procedure

The Procedure for handling complaints for non-compliance / non-compliance incidents provides the rules and basic guidelines for the handling complaints submitted in connection with breaches of corporate policies, regulations or applicable legislation.

It is our individual and collective responsibility to ensure that each of us complies with the Code of Conduct and Ethical Behavior of the Group.

Although it is primarily the responsibility of each employee of Quest Group, stakeholders outside the company (e.g. partners) may also express such concerns or report a potential incident.

Submitted reports may be official (signed) or anonymous. However, it is encouraged that the reporting persons submit official (signed) complaints as this facilitates the necessary investigation and the taking of the necessary measures.

All reports shall be treated confidentially and employees are encouraged to submit the above reports/complaints with good intentions and aiming at protecting Quest Holdings and the Group’s companies, and shall not be subject to any disciplinary measures or other adverse treatment.

Reports and complaints shall be submitted as follows:

By e-mail to the address corresponding to each company of the Group:



By post to the address of the respective company of the Group, to which the complaint/incident relates, for the attention of the  Compliance Officer:


Quest Holdings

2A Argyroupoleos St., 176 76

Kallithea, Athens

Info Quest Technologies

2A Argyroupoleos St., 176 76

Kallithea, Athens

Uni Systems

19-23 Al. Pantou St., 176 71

Kallithea, Athens

ACS Courier

38 Petrou Ralli St., 122 41

Aigaleo, Attica


27 Al. Pantou St., 17671

Kallithea, Athens

Quest Energy

2A Argyroupoleos St., 176 76

Kallithea, Athens

 The above methods and reporting channels also apply to the direct or indirect subsidiaries of the above companies.




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