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Sustainable Development

Support to Society

Our Philosophy

At Quest Group, we are committed to adding value to society. This means that we support the communities in which we operate with initiatives, investments and donations. Our goal is to combat social inequalities, improve the educational process through the use of digital technology, and address emergencies. Many of the initiatives we are implementing are contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The Group and its companies offer support to Society

through taking action in the following pillars

  Enhancing Innovation and Youth Entrepreneurship

 Enhancing quality education through digital tools and skills

 Supporting Culture

 Fighting Poverty through partnering with selected NGOs

 Offering support in large scale crisis



for the Environment

Most Sustainable Company 2024


Quest Group is included in the list of "The 50 Most Sustainable Companies in Greece 2024". The ESG Index in Greece from the QualityNet Foundation is formed based on the evaluation of an organization's performance in terms of ESG criteria (Environment-Society-Governance), covering the holistic approach that a company has in dealing with of the issues of Sustainable Development and its responsible operation.

Sustainable Development based on the three-tier