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Info Quest Technologies



ICT and Mobility/IoT products distribution and Cloud services provision

Info Quest Technologies, established in 1981, is the leading company in Greece in ICT products and cloud services distribution, being for almost 40 years the largest portal for the dissemination of new IT technologies in the Greek market.

Aiming at the modernization and digital transformation of the Greek market.

Info Quest Technologies continues its evolutionary path today by investing dynamically in digital distribution of products and cloud services, e-commerce and mobility / IoT, focusing on creating added value for shareholders, employees, partners, customers and suppliers.

It collaborates strategically with more than 200 leading technology companies, including Microsoft, Cisco, IBM, HP, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Symantec and Unify, and has an extensive network of affiliates providing Greek businesses and consumers with access to the full spectrum of sophisticated products, solutions and services required by the current era of intense digital transformation. For the best market service, since 1991 he has been manufacturing Quest computers and since 2012 a wide range of Bitmore products. At the same time, it operates as an authorized repairer of the largest manufacturers, such as HP, Xiaomi, Canon, Epson constituting, amongst others, one of the top Apple Premium Service Centers in the country.

In the field of mobility and smart - interconnected devices, Info Quest Technologies is developing significant activity, presenting many options to consumers. Since 2016, the company has been distributing and supporting in the Greek market the products of Xiaomi, one of the largest and most innovative manufacturers in the international market with a wide range of Smartphones and smart ecosystem products. The company also operates two Mi Store stores in Athens and Thessaloniki. These are exclusive stores offering Xiaomi products and consumers have the opportunity to get to know the whole ecosystem of the company's innovative products.

In the field of Cloud solutions and services, the company is systematically investing in shaping the new digital distribution model. Info Quest Technologies has developed the Cloud Services automation and marketing platform, works with leading companies and is among the largest partners of Microsoft at the area of Modern Workplace, Robotics Process Automation, Workflow Management  & Secure Infrastructure (Μ365 & Azure).

In the field of e-commerce, the company supports the development of, contributing to the strengthening of the Group's presence in e-commerce.




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