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Green Energy

Quest Energy



Renewable Energy Sources

Quest Energy is active in the sector of Renewable Energy Sources and especially in the development, construction and operation of RES power plants. At the same time, the company evaluates new technologies and markets in the field of electricity, which are being developed gradually and are expected to play an important role over the next five years, both in the way of using electricity and in its management.

Vision of Quest Energy is the greatest possible contribution to changing the mix of electricity produced in Greece.

In 2016, Quest Energy has sold two (2) photovoltaic parks, totaling 17.5 MW. With the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Quest Holdings SA and the acquisition of nine (9) photovoltaic power plants in 2017-2018, the company enters a new phase of operation and development, the next steps are being prepared and its investments.


It is noted that earnings before tax include profits from the sale of the associated company "ANemopyli SA" Quest Solar SA and Quest Solar Almyrou SA totaling € 13.2 million.

€0,86 m


in 2017

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