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Authorized Distributor of Apple Products in Greece and Cyprus

iSquare is the authorized distributor of all Apple products in the region of Greece and Cyprus. The company also plans, implements and provides integrated solutions, based on the innovative Apple products and technology. In addition, iSquare provides Software and peripherals related to the Apple Ecosystem supplements.

iSquare's strategic goal is to increase the penetration of Apple products in the Greek and Cypriot markets, by providing the ultimate Apple experience.

iSquare is pioneering in creating and delivering an integrated ecosystem of Apple products and services to bring Greek consumers closer to Apple's philosophy. To this end, it creates, with appropriate investments, an extensive sales network with full geographic coverage and develops an innovative network of stores exclusively for Apple products to the standards of Apple Premium Reseller. The company focuses especially on the important area of Education with the “iPad 1: 1” program, an iPad for each student. Already more than 25 partner schools are leading the "learning journey" with the help of iPad a modern and unique experience.



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Substantial growth

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