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The Group

Corporate Governance

Quest Group has recognized modern Corporate Governance as a central pillar of its development as well as of its transformation from a family business to an important, professionally managed business Group. Therefore, our Group has always attached –and still does– great importance to the following: the compliance with the legislation in force, the adoption of the Hellenic Corporate Governance Code (HCGC) 2021, the composition and effective operation of its Board of Directors (BoD), the participation in the BoD of a large number of independent members, the operation of Committees of the BoD, the establishment of a detailed and constantly updated internal regulation, the existence and adoption of modern policies, the sustainable development, its (the Group’s) principles and values and, above all, the creation and continuous development of an excellent working environment and the development of employees within the Group.

Quest Group implements principles and best international Corporate Governance practices aiming at an effective implementation of the Corporate Governance system throughout the Group, its adoption by the entire ecosystem of Quest Holdings and its subsidiaries, its monitoring and continuous evaluation and development on the basis of regulatory compliance requirements and good international practices, the responsible operation of the Group, the safeguarding of the interests of the Shareholders and the Stakeholders, transparency, the strengthening of competitiveness, the long-term viability of its companies and the creation of a sustainable value for the Group.

The Quest Group’s corporate governance system complies with Greek legislation, the HCGC, as well as with best international practices.

Law 4706/2020 was the reason for the overall review and upgrading of the corporate governance system at Group level with the aim of:

  • adjusting the corporate governance system to comply with the provisions of the new law;
  • making good use of said adjustment to improve specific aspects of the Group's corporate governance system;
  • adapting corporate governance systems of the Group’s major subsidiaries, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

Quest Group’s Corporate Governance system consists of a set of codes, regulations, policies and procedures, which ensures compliance with current legislation and integration into the Group’s culture of best and most effective governance practices that contribute to the functioning and development of the Group.

In the context of effective corporate governance, Quest Group implements an integrated internal audit system, in line with international standards and the applicable regulatory framework.

Applying the principles of Corporate Governance, Quest Holdings has set the following objectives:

  • transparency in management and corporate responsibility;
  • informing and involving shareholders in important decisions;
  • quick decision-making and effective management;
  • detecting, identifying and minimizing risks;
  • ensuring a quality working framework, in line with wider societal needs and developments, and attracting and retaining talent;
  • independence in the exercise of audit;
  • raising awareness of the company, its subsidiaries and their employees on issues concerning the relationship with the natural and social environment.