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Corporate Governance

The management and operation of the Quest Group is based on a modern, dynamic and flexible Corporate Governance.

The Corporate Governance of Quest Holdings and the Quest Group as a whole is in line with Greek law and complies with the specific practices for listed companies under the Hellenic Code of Corporate Governance (HCGC)

The abovementioned Code is applicable with some discrepancies mentioned in the Annual Financial Report.

Corporate Governance aims at the responsible operation of the Group, the viability of its companies and to safeguard the interests of the Shareholders and Stakeholders.

Quest Holdings draws the strategy and sets forth the general guidelines, the policies and the principles governing the operation of all the subsidiaries. The company is structured in a way that facilitates decision-making and execution of decisions made in the context of implementing the strategy defined by the Quest Group, acting as the coordination center.

By applying the core principles of Corporate Governance, the company has set the following goals:

  • transparency in management and corporate responsibility
  • disclosure of information to shareholders and their participation in key decision-making
  • speedy decision-making and efficient administration
  • identification, recognition and mitigation of risks
  • ensuring a quality work environment
  • independence in the exercise of control and finally
  • awareness of the company and its personnel on issues related to the relationship with the natural and the social environment.

The Board of Directors is the supreme governing body of Quest Holdings Group and it is responsible for the administration of the company, the management of the company assets and the achievement of the company purpose. Moreover, it is responsible, in cooperation with the Management of the subsidiaries, for drawing the Group's strategy and establishing the priorities, the general principles and the policies of the Group. According to the company's Articles of Association, it consists of seven (7) to thirteen (13) members that can be executive, non-executive and independent.

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