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Investor Relations

Acquisition of company “Epafos S.A.”

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Quest Holdings S.A. informs that on May 22, 2023 the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of company EPAFOS S.A. was completed against a consideration of € 2.470.000, whereas the total investment may potentially reach € 4.940.000 during the next two years due to the provision of additional disbursements to the old shareholders depending upon the future performance of the company. The specific investment is estimated to contribute around € 5.000.000 extra revenue to Quest Group on an annual basis, at an EBITDA margin of near 10%.

The company “EPAFOS” has been developing integrated information systems to streamline the management and operations of educational organizations for the past 30 years.  It holds a leading position in its market segment with a customer base of 3.000 active customers in the sector of education and a market share of approx. 80% offering a wide range of IT solutions and related services.

The company Sigma Catalyst Partners was engaged as exclusive advisor of EPAFOS for this transaction.