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Investor Relations

Participation of “Quest Holdings S.A.” in the share capital of the company “G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A.”

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According to decision of the Multi Member Court of First Instance of Athens, that upheld the petition of the company under the name "G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A.", regarding the immediate ratification of the restructuring agreement, and as announced by the Board of Directors of the Company Quest Holdings S.A. (hereinafter the Company) and further ratified by the Extraordinary General Meeting of the shareholders of "G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A." convened on 18/7/2022 for the implementation of the restructuring agreement, the Annual General Meeting of "G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A." decided for the increase of the share capital by an amount of five million euros (€ 5.000.000,00).

On August 25th, 2022, the Company covered the amount of 4.789.760,84 euros and, after relevant decision made by the Board of Directors of "G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A." regarding the acquisition of the shares that had remained unsold after the exercise of the preemptive rights granted to the existing shareholders and notification provided to the Company, and the Company paid-out an additional amount of two hundred and four thousand three hundred and eighty-seven euros and sixteen cents (€ 204.387,16)  for the purchase of the shares that had remained unsold in the context of the abovementioned share capital increase.

In addition, according to filing dated September 8th, 2022 with General Filing Number: 2692338 and Special Filing Number 3037777 of the Ministry of Development and Investments, General Secretariat for Commerce, Division of Listed Companies, the abovementioned share capital increase of "G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A." was verified and as a result, the Company now holds 124.853.700 non-listed shares of the latter out of a total number of 126.001.643 of ordinary registered shares of nominal value of 0,04 euro each.

It is noted that the 126.001.643 shares of "G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A." are the total of 1.001.643 listed and of 125.000.000 non-listed shares.

Following the above, the shareholding of the Company in the share capital "G.E. DIMITRIOU S.A." has reached the 99,089% of the share capital of the latter.