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The Quest Group issues a Sustainable Development Report for 2015

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The second Sustainable Development Report for 2015, was presented by the Quest Group through the three-fold "Technology - Innovation - Entrepreneurship" and the consistently sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. It is worth noting that during the preparation of the Report, particular importance was given to the recognition of the Essential Issues, as evidenced by the Quest Group stakeholder groups, in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and in particular, on the basis of Issue of GRI G-4, but mainly in the presentation of the actions undertaken by the Group in relation to these issues and the objectives it sets for continuous improvement. The Chairman of the Quest Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Committee, Efi Koutsoureli, said: "At Quest Group, we manage the present and, knowing that the environment in which we act is highly volatile, we look forward to the future. Sustainable development is an orientation for all employees of the Group's companies, and each of us, irrespective of its position, contributes to it, setting economic, environmental and social priorities." The Quest Group's Corporate Responsibility Report is available online at



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