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Quest Holdings: Participation in Intelli Solutions

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Quest Holdings announces the participation in Intelli Solutions, through its subsidiary Uni Systems S.M.S.A.

In the context of the agreement Uni Systems acquires 60% of Intelli Solutions to further support the current management’s business plan. The transaction amount is €3.800.000 for the 60% of the company, consisting of both share buyout and capital raise. The total investment may reach €5.200.000 during the next two years, due to provisions for extra reimbursement of the old shareholders.

The current investment is estimated to contribute near €3.500.000 extra revenues to Quest Group, on an annual basis, at an EBITDA margin of near 30%.

Intelli Solutions is an innovative software services company, with a more than 15 years successful history in the market, many successes and a footprint on both Greece and SE Europe. It is specialized in digital transformation services, emphasizing on Customer Engagement, Customer Onboarding and Retention and Revenue Assurance. The company has a broad clientele in Telecom, Banking and Insurance sectors, Utilities and Online Betting.

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