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Corporate Responsibility

Human Resources

Quest it Together

Human Resources have been recognized as the key asset for creating value for the Group. Part of the strategy and culture is to attract and retain competent people through the proper management of Human Resources and to eliminate potential risks that may be associated with Human Rights at Work, Education and Employee Development and Communication between Management and the employees.

Corporate Responsibility Human Resources

The Group has established policies to create a comprehensive human resources management framework that promotes transparency. It also embraces the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact, which include, among others, Human Rights and Labour Principles on issues related to: Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities and Non-Discrimination, Freedom of Association, Forced Labour, Child Labour, Work-life Balance.

The Group has systematically invested

in employee education and development, implementing programs that include:

Management skills development
Technical & Professional Training
Specialized training programs based on recognized needs.

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