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Sustainable Development

Care for the Environment

The Quest Group operates with awareness of its environmental responsibility and systematically adapts its business practice to the needs of environmental protection and saving resources. At the same time, it ensures that the commercial operation of the companies burdens the natural environment to the least possible extent and is in accordance with the Greek environmental legislation. The environmental principles adopted by the Group and its companies are based on the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and reflect the commitments it has made to protect the environment in relation to the operation of its companies.

Corporate Responsibility Environment

The Group has an Environmental Policy, which gives precise directions to companies for the above mentioned sectors / actions. At the same time, the companies Info Quest Technologies, Uni Systems and ACS, implement an integrated environmental management system, which is certified according to the ISO 14001: 2015 standard. The Group systematically monitors and undertakes actions for the overall improvement of its environmental footprint, with special emphasis on the reduction of electricity consumption, the systematic recycling of materials and the reduction of pollutants from transportation for ACS. You can read more about the above in the Sustainable Development Report.