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Sustainable Development

Prosperity of society as a whole

Quest for a better society

Considering that a business thrives when the society in which it operates thrives, Quest Group companies implement focused

Corporate Responsibility Society

social actions aimed at upgrading the quality of life and the country's transition to the digital age.


In order to provide to the youth and start up entrepreneurship with the use of new technologies that lead to innovation, the Quest Group has created since 2013 the incubator of new business activities, IQbility. IQbility supports new business actions, providing selected business groups with resources, tools and know-how for their success in international markets.
IQbility is the only private initiative of a Greek company that through a systematic process discovers, selects and participates in the share capital of Greek start-ups.
investment in 10 groups
additional fundraising
with international presence
per year by Group executives and associates

Quality Education

The Group and its companies implement a set of ongoing actions regarding the interconnection of Technology and Education, which upgrade the quality of the educational process and encourage excellence. Indicatively mentioning, iSquare, in the framework of the action "Innovation in Education", implements the program "iPad 1 - 1" for the introduction of the iPad in the classrooms in order to improve the learning experience, while with the actions "Digitization of textbooks" and for Apple's iOS operating system, aims to create an experiential, modern learning process.
Respectively, Info Quest Technologies implements for more than 15 years the action "Assembling the Quest Computer", a unique technology training program for Greek data. In 2019 the Group created, with Uni Systems as its main pillar of implementation, a new scholarship program for code learning, "Mind the <code>", which focuses on the systematic teaching of two very common programming languages to young people, connects the educational community with the labor market, enhances the knowledge of future employees and offers employment to some of them.


Quest studio -
In order to fight poverty, hunger and social inequalities, steadily over time, the companies of the Group support the worthy work of organizations and institutions that with their work improve the quality of life of children and adults, such as the "Smile of the Child" "Make a Wish", the "Greek Children's Museum" and "PYRNA", as well as other important initiatives such as the work of the association "Diazoma" in the field of Culture.
At the same time, whenever the conditions require it, the Group proceeds with extraordinary support of actions, according to its capabilities and specialized know-how. Worth mentioning are the sponsorship of the Irrigation System, the provision of computer systems and the provision of fire trucks in the affected areas, as well as the program of refugee, flood and fire support programs implemented by ACS, taking into account emergency situations in refugee crisis management and needs. arising from time to time. The Group's contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic was particularly great, with the provision of 1000 iPads in public schools, medical equipment in hospital units and the support of vulnerable groups in collaboration with NGOs.


Employees of the Quest Group are encouraged to express and support actions that benefit society as a whole and companies in turn have the resources to implement these actions, supporting several actors in their work each year, offering services, products and financial support.
Some of the constant activities of the Group are the Voluntary Blood Donation, the organization of the Charity Bazaar by the employees to support the Attica Child Protection Center "The Mother", the collection of clothing, food and medicine for the Reception and Solidarity Center of the Municipality of Athens the provision of surplus food through the organization "We can" to people in need while actions are systematically implemented that enhance sports and ecological mobility.

More information are available in the Groups Sustainable Report.

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